is the name of Mexico city born producer/musician

Redraft Memories of his real name Ricardo Medina, born in Mexico City, where from an early age forms and under strong influence of his father as a DJ and her sister as a percussionist, he begins to try different genres of music to stay within electronic music, specifically in Techno & House, under this influence begins deeper and deeper into the music, until it began to make his own interpretation on this, by signing in labels as Bonzai Music, Bush Records, (among others) and playing with wordclass artist and his tracks have been played by Carl Cox, Stefano Noferini , Tom Hades ... actually is one of the emerging talents of the scene, Redraft Memories is here to stay, do not lose sight!

Redraft Memories o Ricardo Medina nació en la Ciudad de México donde desde temprana edad y con la influencia de su padre como Dj y su hermana como percusionista, comienza a incursionar dentro de diversos géneros de la música hasta establecerse dentro del House & Techno, comienza a iniciar su interpretación de estos géneros, firmando en disquera como Bonzai, Bush y tocando con artistas de clase mundial y siendo apoyado por artistas como Carl Cox, Stefano Noferini, Tom Hades entre otros, es uno de los talentos emergentes, así que no lo pierdan vista.



Warehouse EP

District 9 Recordings


Underdub Records

Weekly Whirlwind, Vol.1

High Pro-File Recordings


Juju Recordings (UK)

43 Almas EP

Push Push Music

Ibiza Selections Vol. 1

Bush Records


Porto Santo

Little video of the set of Redraft Memories in Porto Santo with Norman H, Rodrigo Roura a.k.a Mr. Pepper & Alexis Zua

Music Of The Clip:


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